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“Back-to-School” supplies are making their way to store shelves, which signals that students will be returning to the classroom in just a few weeks. Along with thoughts of notebooks, highlighters and new shoes, parents should also be thinking about their child’s back-to-school check-up.

In the state of Kentucky, children entering the public school system through Head Start or as a kindergartner are required to have proof of a recent preventive health exam. These little ones also need to show that they have been to the dentist and eye doctor as well. An official school physical is also needed for those entering the sixth grade.

This is the time of year when athletes often renew their annual KHSAA sports physical, which should be done four-to-six weeks before the athlete’s season begins in order to address any possible issues.

All Kentucky schools require students to show proof of receiving the two shot hepatitis A series, and those 16 and older should have proof of two meningitis vaccines. The link to the full CDC vaccine schedule from birth to 6 years old is here and for 7 to 18 years old here.

Students with asthma, seizures or other medical problems will need additional forms to guide school personnel on how to best care for those children during the school day. Permission forms for any medication the student may need at school should be completed annually as well. For copies of these forms or more information, go to your school system’s website.

Back to school prep can be hectic. From shopping for school supplies to getting check-ups completed, a lot of running around happens in late July and early August.  For next year, consider scheduling your child’s well check-up in late May or June. Another thought is to schedule the check up after your child’s birthday every year.  Our office can assist with any of the forms regardless the time of year, and we can help you avoid some of the back-to-school stress.

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