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Staying up to date on immunizations can save you and your family’s lives. Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., R.N., with the UofL Physicians Vaccine & International Travel Center, said, “In fact, immunization is second only to clean water in terms of its importance to overall health.” According to the Center for Disease Control immunizations protect against nearly 30 infectious diseases including HPV, Lyme disease, and tuberculosis.

While some families are worried about the safety and side effects of immunizations the CDC assures us that the United States has the safest, most effective vaccine supple in its history.

“Immunization represents our best opportunity to prevent disease,” Dr. Carrico said, “With the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases in states around us, new research regarding the impact of immunization and its heart disease protective effect, and the recognition that some vaccines work better in certain populations (e.g., high dose flu vaccine in the elderly and intranasal live attenuated flu vaccine in children), finding ways to include immunization in every medical practice has never been more important.”

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, a time to help both consumers and health care providers stay informed and up to date.

“Every provider and every specialist plays a key role in immunization whether for routine care or in preparation for life events such as travel, new additions to the family, or changes in health condition.”

The Vaccine and International Travel Clinic, part of the Department of Medicine’s Global Health Initiative, can assist any medical practice in identifying immunization opportunities and ways to incorporate it into the practice.  They are also available for any patient referrals and for all travel medicine needs.

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