The Greatest Mission: Taking Care of Yourself

Veteran Health Care

After taking the time to dedicate your life to the protection of others, it’s time to take care of YOU! Veterans of the United States armed forces provide unique skill sets and perspectives to their workplaces, but they also face a myriad of health issues that can affect their physical or mental health.

Mental Health

Our veterans are at risk of suicide by 50% more than those who have not served. This is also the second leading cause of death in veterans. Other mental health conditions that can develop from experience in combat, deployment or training can include PTSD, anxiety, stress, substance abuse disorders and depression.

Many resources are available for mental health services such as:

Women’s Health

There are more than two million women veterans in the United States. Pregnancy and childbirth, reproductive health, cancer screenings and primary health care services are key areas for adjustment when transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Be sure to maintain regular wellness checks and preventative care plans with your primary care provider and/or women’s health provider such as an OB/GYN. Ask questions and be an advocate for your patient care.

Some helpful tips for women veterans are:

Men’s Health

Need to catch up on your screenings and checkups? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Almost 60% of men do not go to see a provider regularly. Read this article on the top six men’s health conditions and how to treat them for more information.

Overall Wellness

Your primary care provider is your partner in maintaining your overall wellness. You can discuss your family medical history, substance use, vaccine and immunization questions and screening schedules. Regular visits are key in preventative health as it allows the opportunity for conditions to be caught and diagnosed early. For example, according to Veterans Affairs (VA), there are almost 8,000 veterans a year who are diagnosed and treated for lung cancer. Additional resources and informational tips on how to best maintain your overall wellness are available, such as:

Be sure to speak with your primary care provider about regular health screenings and planning for your health for preventative care. If you need a primary care provider, check out one of our excellent providers by visiting

We thank you for your service!

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