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Thank You Notes to Our Health Care Heroes

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Nurse Rachel Mattingly, MSN — your dedication to patients and your work ethic inspire our family. You have modeled all the best safety precautions and protected your husband and toddler at home while isolating from friends, siblings, parents and grandparents to keep us safe. All at a time in life when you could most use respite support and date nights. We are so proud of your dedication to your profession. Thank you for being a true hero and blessing to many. I wish you some much-deserved time off soon and look forward to post-vaccine family gatherings.


I would like to acknowledge the Respiratory Therapists of the entire organization for the amazing work they do everyday, but especially this past year. The pandemic has been so hard on them emotionally, physically and mentally, and yet they continue to come back day after day, and do all that they can to help our patients fight this horrible disease. I am proud to be a Respiratory Therapist, and as a manager, I have never been more proud of my team! Thank you for everything you do, today and everyday, to care for our patients! You are all truly amazing!


I just want to sincerely thank the staff on 8 South and 7 South for caring for the communities COVID patients. It has been an emotional and stressful year to be a healthcare worker and this team has proven dedication and commitment to everyone affected by this pandemic while trying to maintain mental and physical self preservation. I cannot express my gratitude enough to each individual employee. They truly are heros!


I would like to thank the staff of the entire hospital for their care and support of my husband Ronnie. So many people checked in on him and me during our COVID experience. We are very blessed that Dr. Cavallazi stepped in and offered his assistance, since Ronnie was not his patient and played a big part in saving his life. Thanks to 8s, Wendy (ortho nurse practitioner) Family practice and everyone involved in his care.


I could not be prouder of our hospital and staff! We made decisions based on the best interest of our patients, families and staff. It is an honor to work with such wonderful and dedicated people!


I am humbled by the healthcare heroes who have seen and been through the worst of the pandemic, yet continue to step up again and again to help care for each other and the most vulnerable from our community. I speak for myself and many others when I say THANK YOU!


I have worked for our health system for over 40 years and have been witness to many miracles and compassionate care, but nothing compares to what I witnessed on Aug. 29, 2020. It was on that day that my 34-year-old son, who was a Covid patient and on a ventilator, took a sudden turn for the worst! One lung had collapsed a couple of days prior and the second lung began to collapse. His blood gases were way out of control and he had maxed out the support that a ventilator could provide. I made frantic calls that morning and it was on that Saturday that a group of compassionate and skilled people from Jewish Hospital answered the call! They traveled to the other hospital, hooked my son to an ECMO machine and transported him to Jewish. Five days later he came off of ECMO and went to the Jewish Covid ICU. A couple of weeks later he went to Frazier Rehab and two weeks later went home! He spent several weeks in Frazier's outpatient program at Medical Center East but today has fully recovered and is back to work and home with his wife! THERE ARE NO WORDS that can express the gratitude that I and my family feel! I know without the quick response and skilled care that my son received, he would not have made it! What you do everyday is not just a job....it is sacred work! Don't ever lose sight of that!!


Thank you for all the hard work and extra shifts to get the community back to normal. My parents recently received the vaccine at the Drive-Thru site and we are so thankful.


Covid-19 was a scary word, and scary reality when this all started a year ago. I took a leave to help my boys adjust to online school, and to help my senior son adjust to losing his graduation, and make his college decision. I lost my cousin to Covid early on in the pandemic. Easter Sunday 2020. I also lost a dear friend to Covid in December. I returned to work and faced the possibility of being exposed seems on a daily basis. It has been an honor to be of service to our patients, and work with the best coworkers, and physician's through this. I'm happy to finally see a light through all of this as we all get vaccinated and march forward to end this pandemic.


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