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UofL Health

Vendor Access Restrictions

Effective 3/19/20 until further notice

UofL Health is restricting facility vendor access to only those vendors who participate in clinical care as required by our physicians and Care Coordination teams. Vendors who are not needed for immediate care of our patients are restricted from entering any UofL Health facility.

Those vendors requesting to enter any UofL Health facility will be expected to self-monitor the appropriateness of the visit by answering the following questions before entering the facility:

  • Is your presence critically required for procedural care? (i.e. surgical consultation, device programming)
  • Is an onsite visit by Care Coordinators required for immediate discharge planning?

Vendor representatives critical to patient care are expected to continue signing into facilities and collecting visit identification credentials through the appropriate vendor credentialing system for each individual facility. Access for specific services such as Engineering and Maintenance, Biomedical Engineering, and Information Technology Services may be approved by the System Executive over this service.

Vendors continuing to access UofL Health facilities for critical patient care are expected to take all appropriate precautions related to hygiene and hand washing and use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). If you have questions, please contact the clinical supervisor over the area you will be visiting. Those with a fever, cough, diarrhea or vomiting are not permitted in our facilities.

The safety and well-being of our patients and staff, as well as our community, are our highest priority. We ask our vendors to adhere to these temporary restrictions so we may most effectively provide and maintain the safest possible environment.