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UofL Health

UofL Health Temporary Visitor Policy

Effective Monday, March 31 until further notice

Our organization is committed to our patients and our staff. This decision was not taken lightly. Because of the current health pandemic, we made the following changes to our visitor policy out of care and concern for our patients and staff. The changes to the visitor guidelines are in place at all UofL Health facilities until further notice.


All visitors must successfully complete a health screening before being allowed access to patient spaces.

We encourage use of FaceTime, Skype and phone calls to visit with loved ones in the hospital. For those with infants in our neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), we offer NicView — a livestreaming webcam to view your baby.

No visitors will be allowed for patients who have a pending or positive COVID-19 test, including patients at the end of their lives suspected of or having COVID-19.

All designated visitors will be issued stickers/armbands upon admission. These visitors will not be able to spend the night and waiting areas within the hospital will be closed.

Hospitalized adult patients will be allowed one designated visitor.

Emergency Departments

  • No visitors in waiting room.
  • Significant others/support person accompanying the patient will be asked to provide a contact number.
  • Significant other/support person will wait in car or return home. Expect a call from the physician or nurse.
  • End-of-Life (trauma/other diagnoses): Two family members for a specified period.

James Graham Brown Cancer Center

  • One significant other/support person per patient per visit.

UofL Physicians Practices

All scheduled patients may bring one significant other/support person with them to their appointment. Waiting rooms in our practices will be closed to visitors.

Exceptions and restrictions

We know there are patients who will require exceptions to the guidelines, and these are listed below. Any visitor granted an exception must stay in the patient’s room the entire time of the visit. Once the visitor leaves the patient’s room, they must leave the hospital.

Areas with additional consideration include:

  • Labor and Delivery patients: Obstetric patients may have one partner/support person accompany them.
  • Mother/Baby patients: Limited to one designated visitor.
  • NICU Patients: Allowed two designated visitors (parents). The designated visitors will have 24/7 access to visit their infant.
  • Patients at the end of life: (Other diagnoses): Two visitors for a specific time frame.
  • Clergy: We welcome clergy for palliative care, emergency care and hospice care patient support.
  • Compassionate visitation exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Adult outpatient medical centers

At this time, patients will not be allowed to be accompanied into their appointment. If a patient needs additional support, they should let their provider know prior to their appointment.

Other important information for all visitors

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds when entering and leaving patient rooms.
  • Those with fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, body aches or respiratory symptoms should stay home.