Acute Care Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Fellowship

The Acute Care Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Fellowship is a comprehensive transition to practice based program for nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, providing enhanced acute care clinical experiences and knowledge.

Core Clinical Rotations

During the first 10 months the fellows will be rotated on nine core rotations. Those rotations will include Hospitalists Medicine, Critical Care/Pulmonary, Anesthesia Critical Care, Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Adult Cardiac Surgery, General Cardiology and Trauma. Fellows will be paired with a qualified preceptor chosen for their excellence in precepting and mentorship. The goal on each rotation is to start with an assigned number of patients to round on, assess and formulate plan of care. The number of patients assigned to fellow should increase incrementally to end of rotation. Some rotations may require a night shift rotation, for enhanced experiences.

Elective Clinical Time

Each fellow will get approximately 10 weeks of elective time they can choose to spend in areas of interest or extended time on a core rotation (if services can accommodate). The elective rotation options include Urology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Hep C Center, Palliative Care, Inpatient Diabetic Care, Interventional Radiology, Emergency Room, Heart Failure/VAD/Transplant. These are subject to change and there is no guarantee of placement on any certain service. Fellows will select their top four choices for elective rotations, program director will attempt to secure those rotations at the beginning of year.