If you are a physician seeking answers to any of the following questions, a referral for services may be appropriate:

  • Does my patient have cognitive changes as a result of a neurological injury or disease?
  • What is the nature or extent of the change or loss?
  • What impact will the specific cognitive problems have on their everyday functioning?
  • How likely is the patient to be able to return to work or school?
  • Can rehabilitation improve functioning for return to school or work?
  • How well will my patient be able to function at home and in the community?
  • Are cognitive changes due to emotional factors, disease or both?
  • I think my patient has mild dementia. Can you help me track changes over time?
  • My patient has acquired various neurological insults or a progressive neurological condition. Can you help me track their symptoms over time?
  • I am concerned that my patient isn’t adjusting well to his/her diagnosis/injury. Can you evaluate and treat as necessary?
  • Is my student/athlete cognitively prepared to return to school/play?

To schedule a neuropsychological evaluation, contact us at 502-585-3472, or fax an order to 502-582-7646.

To schedule a psychological evaluation and therapy, contact us at 502-582-7484, or fax an order to 502-582-7646.

Additional Information

Individual evaluations

Evaluations are provided for pediatric, adolescent and adult patients, including geriatric patients who have known or suspected brain dysfunction stemming from a wide variety of neurological conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Dementia, known or suspected
  • Pseudodementia
  • Demyelinating disorders
  • Seizure disorders
  • Stroke/vascular conditions
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Neurodegenerative conditions
  • Toxic-metabolic syndromes
  • Neurodiagnostic differentials
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury

Neuropsychological evaluations are scheduled in a timely manner with results typically available within two weeks. Specific recommendations are provided to the patient during feedback, and a copy of the results is provided to the physician.

To maximize the benefits of the evaluation, assessments are tailored to referral questions from the referring physician and to specific patient needs. The more specific the referral questions, the more accurate the assessment.

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