Recovery from a stroke is a long-term process. While most patients are discharged home after one to two weeks of inpatient rehab, ongoing services are often needed to continue the recovery process. The highly skilled professionals at Frazier Rehab recognize how difficult it is for survivors and families to cope with the effects of stroke. Therefore, the rehabilitation team invests special care to make patient/family-specific recommendations to support a patient’s recovery.

Patients are referred for outpatient therapy services from a variety of sources and providers. Upon referral for outpatient therapy, insurance verification is performed to ensure benefit coverage for referred services.

The goal of outpatient therapy is similar to that of the inpatient program, with a focus on maximizing the patient’s recovery and restoring to a meaningful, fulfilling and maximally independent lifestyle.

The outpatient stroke rehabilitation services offered by Frazier Rehab fall under two types of programs:

  • Individual outpatient services designed to address specific therapeutic interventions
    • Every stroke injury doesn’t require the full spectrum of care. Frazier Rehab has an extensive outpatient rehab network that can provide expert therapy services based upon individual needs for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, assistive technology consultation and driver assessment and training. Frazier proudly offers specialized therapies and evaluations at over 20 locations in the region.
  • Frazier Rehab Institute’s NeuroRehab Program
      • A comprehensive outpatient, an interdisciplinary neuro-rehabilitation program for adolescents through adults who have sustained a stroke or other acquired brain/neurological injury.
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