Kaelin Hall Trauma SurvivorKaelin “Uno Strong” Hall, the Voice of Louisville, is paralyzed from the waist down. He is also a 2-time survivor of gun violence. On the evening of March 8, 2016, Uno was hanging out at the intersection of Sunset Avenue and Plato Terrace, located in the West End of Louisville. As many do in the early spring, Uno was enjoying the outdoor air with some friends, in the comfort of an area and surrounded by people that he knew well. Over the span of a few minutes, someone came from behind and shot at Uno. The first shot didn’t hit him. The other 5 shots did. Uno recalls thinking that he was paralyzed immediately, as he couldn’t get up and run away. There were 3 nearby girls (including one who was shot herself) who helped get Uno into a car after the accident, taking him to get care at UofL Health. These 3 women were very much responsible for saving Uno’s life. Uno notes that every day is different. “Every day there’s going to be some struggle, obviously, but…there’s going to be some triumph. A day for me is positive, talking to others in wheelchairs especially. What I thought was my ending turned out to be my beginning.”

Kaelin Hall Trauma SurvivorUno is part of a social group of other wheelchair users called HandiNoCap. This group allows other wheelchair users, especially those who were victims of violent crime, to connect with others in a similar situation. You can connect with HandiNoCap on Facebook and Instagram. Members come from around the world, and offer community for individuals with disabilities of every kind.

Uno has recently accepted a job at Simmons College, where he will work with prospective students to help raise awareness about the effects of violence in our communities. You can read more about Uno’s new position at WDRB.com.

Kaelin “Uno Strong” Hall, the Voice of Louisville.


Trauma Survivor.

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