We are now offering FREE flu vaccines, COVID testing and COVID vaccines at select community sites.

UofL Health

Louisville COVID-19 Vaccinations

We are offering limited vaccine appointments for next week at our Downtown Drive-Thru. Please select a time below. 

Welcome to UofL Health COVID Vaccination Scheduling. We are offering limited COVID vaccines to the public for those 60 years and older at various UofL Health sites:

  • Downtown Drive-Thru Clinic at 499 South Brook St.
  • Drive-Thru at Mary & Elizabeth Hospital at 1850 Bluegrass Ave.
  • Medical Center South at 1903 West Hebron Ln.

The number of available vaccine appointments are based on vaccine supply. More appointments will open when additional vaccines are obtained.

If you are unable to find an open appointment time, please check back often as new times and dates may become available.

You can also visit the Metro Louisville COVID-19 Vaccine page or call their Helpline at 502-912-8598 to find other vaccine locations around Louisville and ask general questions.

UofL Health is working to set up community vaccination sites with partnering organizations. If you are interested in organizing an event, please fill out our interest form.

  • You must schedule an appointment to receive a vaccine. We are following the state’s PHASE 1B vaccine rollout plan and any appointments for those under 60 years of age will be automatically canceled.
  • The COVID vaccination is free of charge and we require no insurance information.
  • A valid ID is required for age verification at your appointment. 
  • Please complete all sections of the appointment form. The information is required and will enable us to report the vaccination to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and to register you for the second booster vaccine.

Get Driving Directions to our Downtown Drive-Thru Clinic

Get Driving Directions to our Drive-Thru Clinic at Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

Get Driving Directions to Medical Center South

More information on vaccine availability:

  • Each week our city gets an allotment of vaccine as determined by federal and state governments.
  • We want to vaccinate you as soon as we can and as soon as the vaccine supply allows.
  • There are thousands of people in Jefferson County who are 70+. We know it will take weeks to reach all who want to be vaccinated. Thank you for your patience and grace.

Please note: You will automatically be scheduled for the booster vaccination. Please watch your email for your appointment. 

Contraindications to receiving the vaccine are as follows:

  • If you have received treatment for COVID with the COVID Monoclonal Antibody treatment in the past 90 days
  • Received any other vaccination in the past 14 days
  • Fever on day of administration
  • Signs and symptoms of illness on day of vaccination

Relative Contraindication – Consider not getting the vaccine but you get it if you want

  • If you have had a recent confirmed COVID diagnosis
  • Note From the CDC: Vaccination is recommended for persons with a history of COVID-19; however, because reinfection is uncommon in the 90 days following infection, persons with a precaution to vaccination and recent COVID-19 may choose to defer vaccination until further information is known about the risk of anaphylaxis following vaccination. Read more >

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We are offering limited vaccine appointments for next week at our Downtown Drive-Thru. Please select a time below.