LOUISVILLE, Ky. – While maintaining the efforts to treat underserved communities in Louisville Metro, UofL Health – Urgent Care Plus in west Louisville’s Parkland neighborhood is pleased to provide greater medical access and reduce patient disparity through a gift totaling $350,000. The generous donation by Ted Nixon and Frank Harshaw will address numerous urgent patient and community needs.

“When we opened the Parkland Clinic location in 2021, it was part of UofL Health’s commitment to expand access and reduce barriers to care in our community,” said Tom Miller, CEO of UofL Health. “This considerable gift helps reduce specific disparities and brings specialty care into this neighborhood.”

More than half of the donation will fund an Echo machine, expanding onsite cardiology services at the Parkland Clinic. The ultrasound machine will allow cardiologists at the clinic to look at the structure and function of a patient’s heart on site.

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death for people in the U.S., and tragically, the rates are even greater among African Americans,” said Dr. Kim Williams, chair of the Department of Medicine, and UofL Physicians cardiologist at the Parkland location. “As a cardiologist who is seeing patients at west Louisville’s Urgent Care Plus, I know this equipment will help provide patients with real-time information and help prevent them from additional visits at farther locations.”

The support also makes room for a full-time licensed clinical social worker. This hire will be able to provide individual therapy and psychosocial interventions, as well as with case management, ultimately filling gaps in social services that impact health outcomes.

“The need for mental health services and interventions is tremendous and growing,” said Dr. Kim Schatzel, president of the University of Louisville. “Access to mental health services in low income and medically underserved communities is limited, and we plan to fix that thanks to this donation.”

The donation is dedicated to reducing patient disparity but committing funds to identifying patient barriers to medical access, such as transportation, medication, and medical devices.

“Addressing health care barriers can be lifesaving,” said donor, Ted Nixon. “It’s why I didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to provide immediate support and access to low-income patients of the Parkland Clinic.”

“This investment is a first step and a necessary step to break down health inequities that exist in the metro,” said donor, Frank Harshaw. “We know it’s just the beginning and look forward to seeing the positive impact this donation will have on health outcomes.”

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