UofL Physicians – Neurosports is a comprehensive, collaborative effort aimed at addressing the neurological concerns of athletes. One of just a handful of such programs in the country, we are dedicated to preventing and treating neurological sports injuries and managing neurological conditions that can affect performance. These may involve the brain, spinal cord, muscles or nerves. We see athletes across the spectrum, from high school to college to the weekend warrior.

Led by neurologist Dr. Michael Haboubi, UofL Physicians – Neurosports is a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort that includes a headache specialist and doctors in neurology, sports medicine, family medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation, among others. We believe this group of doctors working together is best for the patient. Dr. Haboubi has always had an interest in playing sports himself, and he is committed to keeping athletes healthy and performing at their best.

One area of focus for UofL Physicians – Neurosports is sports concussion, including research into the long-term effects. We also treat common neurological problems in athletes, such as peripheral nerve injuries, seizures, a history of migraines or sleep disorders. We help determine what sports are safe to play for someone who has such a neurological condition, and what medications are appropriate for their particular sport.

The program’s goals are:

  • Treatment for the patient
  • Research to help advance the science
  • Education on concussion and neurological conditions for athletes and their families, coaches and other health care providers

As researchers and teachers at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, we have a passion for and commitment to developing new treatments and cures. In addition to concussions, some of our areas of research are injury prevention and optimal training for athletes.

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