Specialized orthopedic care is provided at UofL Health facilities across the system including UofL Health - Jewish Hospital, UofL Health - Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, UofL Health - Medical Center East, UofL Health - Medical Center Northeast, UofL Health - Medical Center South and UofL Health - Shelbyville Hospital.

UofL Health – Jewish Hospital has a comprehensive program for patients who are scheduled to have a total joint replacement. Once a patient is scheduled for a total joint replacement, an appointment will be scheduled for pre-admission testing one to two weeks prior to surgery. At this appointment, you will receive education on your total joint replacement.

The Bone and Joint Center at UofL Health – Mary & Elizabeth Hospital is a dedicated orthopedic unit with private rooms and a rehab clinic. We encourage patients to complete a pre-joint class taught by orthopedic nurses to help patients prepare for every stage of the joint replacement process. After the procedure, patients are usually ready for discharge home within a couple of days after their surgery.

You can also find orthopedic care at UofL Health - Shelbyville Hospital.

Orthopedic Trauma Locations

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