Athletes of all levels can take advantage of our sports performance and injury prevention clinics with one on one support from our experienced therapists. Call 502-63-SPORT (77678) to schedule an evaluation.

Functional Movement Screenings

Anyone who competes in sports – at any fitness level – can benefit from a functional movement screening to create corrective strategies for a wide array of movement issues. Functional movement screenings diminish the need for extensive testing and result in specific exercises based on an individual’s FMS score to instantly create customized treatment plans.

Runner’s Edge Performance Program

Our Runner’s Edge program is designed to evaluate and improve the efficiency of your body, allowing you to improve your performance and decrease the risk of injury. Our licensed professionals are uniquely trained to evaluate your risk for injury and to develop an individualized plan to help you avoid these pitfalls and maximize your ability to keep on moving.

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Golf Performance Program

With staff trained in the world’s leading golf performance systems, we offer a variety of programs to enhance your overall fitness and address the physical performance needs specific to the game of golf. Golfers of all ages and ability levels will benefit from medically supervised training programs designed to improve physical deficits that are affecting their swings. Our program will especially benefit anyone who experiences discomfort during or after a round of golf. If you have been previously injured and would like to return to golf, we will help get you back in the game. Call 502-426-3353 to schedule your Assessment and get on the path to playing better golf.

Download our Golf Performance Program flyer

Knee Injury Prevention Program

This program focuses on strengthening the muscles that improve the position of the knee during high-level sports and protect the anterior cruciate ligament. We teach athletes how to land and change direction properly, and to improve cardiovascular fitness which will decrease the level of fatigue during sports competition. High school, middle school, club level athletes, and anyone else who competes in sports would benefit from our knee injury program. The program includes an initial evaluation, instruction in a home training program, a medically supervised training session for six weeks, and a post-program evaluation.

Shoulder & Elbow Injury Prevention Program

These programs focus on strengthening the muscles that improve the position of the shoulder and elbow during competitive overhead sports. A strong core and good scapular (shoulder blade) control provide a stable base for the upper extremities which allows the arm to focus on more fine motor activities. Having a balance of strength and flexibility will allow the young athlete to perform optimally and will help to prevent overload to the joints and muscles of the upper extremity. Competitive and recreational baseball, softball and volleyball players, competitive swimmers, and other athletes would benefit from the Preventative Shoulder & Elbow Injury Program. The program includes an initial evaluation, instruction in a home training program, medically supervised training sessions for 6 weeks, and a post-program evaluation.

Certified Athletic Training

UofL Health Sports Medicine offers certified athletic training support for professional, collegiate and high school sports programs, as well as for community events. Our team is focused on helping athletes reach their highest performance potential, prevent injuries, and manage any needed injury care.

Youth Sports Medicine

Stress fractures, sprains and strains are the most common youth sports injuries, often due to overuse. Medical intervention is recommended for acute injuries when pain is persistent, swelling or locking of the joint is present, there is a visible deformity or in the presence of radiating pain. The goal of our youth sports medicine program is to educate the youth on preventive injuries, to treat acute injuries and have them return to their sport better than ever.

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