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UofL Health – UofL Hospital – J. David Richardson Trauma Center is the only level I trauma center in the region. It also a part of the trauma survivor network (TSN) which was developed in 2008 by the American Trauma Society (ATS) to help trauma centers provide the support and services patients and their families need during their recovery from serious injury.

Each year, the third Wednesday in May is recognized as National Trauma Survivors Day, a day to celebrate and  draw inspiration from and provide support to survivors of traumatic injuries and their caregivers, opening the road to their recovery from trauma.

UofL Health – UofL Hospital J. David Richardson Trauma Center celebrates this day each year and recognizes our trauma survivors.

On May 17, 2023, we held our inaugural event, Live Beyond: A Celebration of Trauma Survivors, held at the Speed Art Museum This unique exhibit celebrates trauma survivors and their empowering stories of triumph, and showcases their experiences through photography, artwork and written word.

Below are a few of our trauma survivor's stories. Click on the button with their name attached to their image to read their story.

Bree Williams

Bree Williams.


Trauma Survivor.

Gary Beach

Gary Beach.

Trauma Survivor.

Janae Wright Trauma Survivor

Janae Wright.

Powerful. Full of energy.

Trauma Survivor.

Olivia Barczynski

Olivia Barczynski.


Trauma Survivor.

Victoria Gwynn

Victoria Gwynn.


Trauma Survivor.

Kaelin Hall Trauma Survivor

Kaelin Hall.


Trauma Survivor.

Lee Look Trauma Survivor

Lee Look.


Trauma Survivor.

Valentina Boyd Trauma Survivor

Valentina Boyd.


Trauma Survivor.

Randi Hawksley Trauma Survivor

Randi Hawksley.


Trauma Survivor.

Evan Sibley Trauma Survivor

Evan Sibley.


Trauma Survivor.

Brenton Campbell Trauma Survivor

Brenton Campbell.


Trauma Survivor.

Rochelle Rushlow Trauma Survivor

Rochelle Rushlow.


Trauma Survivor.

Kyle Lefever Trauma Survivor

Kyle Lefever.


Trauma Survivor.

Martina Rawlings.


Trauma Survivor.

Terrell Williams Trauma Survivor

Terrell Williams.


Trauma Survivor.

Cale Hoffman Trauma Survivor

Cale Hoffman.


Trauma Survivor.

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