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Comprehensive Heart Care

Services Offered:

  1. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment: Women can undergo a comprehensive assessment of their cardiovascular risk factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, family history, and lifestyle factors, to identify their risk of heart disease.
  2. Preventive Care: Emphasis is placed on prevention through lifestyle modifications, such as diet, exercise, and stress management, to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  3. Education and Awareness: Women are educated about the signs and symptoms of heart disease and how they may differ from those in men. This helps improve early detection and timely intervention.
  4. Diagnostic Testing: We offer specialized diagnostic testing, including stress testing, echocardiography, and angiography, to assess the heart's health and function.
  5. Treatment Plans: Individualized treatment plans are developed to address heart disease risk factors and existing conditions. This can include medication management, lifestyle changes, and, in some cases, surgical or interventional procedures.
  6. Psychosocial Support: Emotional and psychological factors related to heart health are addressed, as stress, anxiety, and depression can impact heart disease risk.
  7. Nutritional Guidance: Nutritionists and dietitians will provide guidance on heart-healthy eating plans and weight management.
  8. Fitness Programs: Tailored exercise programs can be designed to help women improve their cardiovascular fitness and overall health.
  9. Women-Centered Research: Research and clinical trials specific to women's heart health, helping to advance the understanding and treatment of heart disease in women, but also giving our patients access to cutting edge clinical trials
  10. Community Outreach and Education: Engage in community outreach and education efforts to raise awareness about women's heart health and promote early detection and prevention.
  11. Support Groups: Support groups for women with heart disease or those at risk may be offered to provide emotional support and a sense of community.
  12. Multidisciplinary Care: Our team includes a team of healthcare professionals, including cardiologists, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, and exercise physiologists, to provide comprehensive care.
  13. Heart Disease Risk Reduction: We offer specialized interventions to reduce the risk of heart disease, especially in women with unique risk factors such as gestational diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), or autoimmune conditions.