What is weight loss surgery?

Also known as “bariatric” or “metabolic” surgery, weight loss surgery is a proven treatment for obesity.  It is the only treatment that has been shown to result in long term weight loss and resolution of obesity-related medical conditions.

Why choose UofL Health – Advanced Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss?

Advanced and Effective Treatment: At UofL Health – Advanced Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss, we offer the latest and most effective treatments for obesity. We offer five advanced surgical options, as well as advanced endoscopic (non-surgical) procedures.

Expedited Recovery: All procedures are done in a minimally invasive fashion. Our accelerated recovery protocols limit your time in the hospital and get you back to life sooner.

Individual Care: Our compassionate multidisciplinary team will tailor treatment options to you, your health conditions, and your goals.

Convenient Care: With our virtual platforms, most of your evaluation process can be completed from your home, at your convenience, minimizing your time away from work and family.

Commitment to YOU: We are committed to your success. We provide comprehensive, LIFELONG follow-up care to support you and your health. We will be with you on every step of your journey.

Will I benefit from bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery may be right for you if your weight interferes with the quality of your life. Specifically, bariatric surgery has been shown to have the following health benefits:

  • Improvement in overall health, fitness, energy level, mobility and longevity
  • Significant improvement in Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease
  • Decreased risk of certain cancers
  • Increased fertility
  • Weight optimization prior to undergoing surgery for a separate medical condition (such as hernia surgery or joint surgery)
  • Ability to wean the use weight loss medications
  • Treatment of weight recurrence after an initial bariatric procedure

Am I a Candidate?

Insurance companies generally consider coverage for bariatric surgery if one of the following conditions are met:

  • BMI is 40 or more
  • BMI is 35-40, with a major health complication such as:
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol or significant heart disease
    • Debilitating joint pain
    • Sleep apnea
    • Uncontrolled GERD or acid reflux
  • You are having a complication or adverse side effect from a prior bariatric surgery

Calculate your BMI to see if you qualify


Weight loss surgery options

UofL Physicians Advanced Bariatric Surgery offers a full range of the most advanced and effective weight loss surgery options at UofL Hospital, including the following: 

It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of each procedure. You and your provider will discuss your medical history and individual goals to decide which surgery is right for you.

What is the process to have bariatric surgery?

Step 1: Make the decision to change your life. Click “Request an Appointment” to schedule an evaluation.

Step 2: Attend a virtual consultation with your surgeon to individualize your treatment plan and receive your personalized next steps.

Step 3: Complete your Pre-Surgery Checklist

Step 4: Schedule your Surgery! You will have a second virtual consultation with your surgeon to review your pre-surgery checklist, finalize your surgery choice and discuss details of your upcoming surgery. Once your prior authorization is approved by your insurance company (average 2 weeks) you will get a surgery date!

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