High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney failure. The longer it’s left untreated, the more serious the complications. But there are steps you can take to help you manage high blood pressure and enjoy the many benefits of a healthy heart.

By keeping your blood pressure in the healthy range, you are:

  • Reducing your risk of the walls of your blood vessels becoming overstretched and injured.
  • Reducing your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, or developing heart failure, kidney failure and peripheral vascular disease.
  • Protecting your entire body so your tissue receives a regular supply of healthy blood rich in oxygen.

UofL Physicians – Cardiovascular Medicine recommends the following simple steps:

  • Learn about high blood pressure. Because one in three adults has high blood pressure, chances are strong that you or someone you care about will be battling this disease.
  • Understand the toll high blood pressure takes on your body. High blood pressure can create serious health problems. Understand the facts so you’ll be motivated to care for your circulatory system and live a heart-healthy life.
  • Know your risks for high blood pressure. Find out if your lifestyle choices, family history or health factors make you a likely candidate for high blood pressure. You’ll also learn how a few lifestyle changes can lower your blood pressure and your health risks.
  • Get your blood pressure tested: diagnose and monitor. A diagnosis can be done quickly, easily and painlessly in a variety of places, including a doctor’s or dentist’s office, hospital, clinic, school, nurse’s office, company clinic or at a health fair.
  • Prevent and treat: start living a heart-healthy life now! Even though high blood pressure is serious, your choices will make a big difference in your quality of life.

For more information on high blood pressure visit UofL Physicians – Cardiovascular Medicine.

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