November marks Lung Cancer Awareness Month — a time to raise awareness of the need for more research, innovation and better community awareness of this disease.

Know the Facts

Anyone can get lung cancer.

  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide1
  • More patients die every year from lung cancer than from prostate, breast and colon cancer combined1
  • The lung cancer five-year survival rate is only 16.8%2
  • Nearly 160,000 people die from lung cancer every year2
  • 60% to 65% of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or are former smokers3

But there’s good news. Lung cancer screening helps detect lung cancer earlier before symptoms occur when it is more treatable and possibly cured.

Who Should be Screened?

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends yearly lung cancer screening for people who:

  • Have a history of heavy smoking
  • Smoke now or have quit within the past 15 years
  • Are between 55 and 80 years old4

At UofL Health – Brown Cancer Center and UofL Health – Jewish Hospital, we’re here to help no matter what stage of lung cancer you’re facing. We’re working to increase early detection, improve diagnostics, optimize treatment and accelerate recovery by providing our patients access to the most innovative technologies.

The Monarch Platform, which is currently being used by providers at Jewish Hospital, is an advanced, robotic technology designed to transform the diagnosis of lung disease, with the goal of saving lives. The Monarch Platform is designed to allow an accurate diagnosis without incisions from even the smallest and hardest-to-reach lung nodules –with the hope of catching lung conditions early.

Installed earlier this year, we’ve been able to diagnose and treat lung nodules and lung cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional methods with the Monarch Platform.

At Jewish Hospital, we were excited to be among the first to offer this innovative technology, which uses the latest advances in robotics and the least invasive approach to diagnose lung conditions. Lung cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. We encourage the community to take an important step to be screened so that we can find and treat lung cancer before it progresses.

Together, we can spread awareness and bring hope to those affected by the disease. To schedule an appointment for evaluation, please call 502-588-7600.

1American Cancer Society

2American Lung Association


4U.S. Preventative Services Task Force

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