If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer, it can be a stressful time. Feelings of shock, fear and loss of control are common. Your health care provider and cancer team are here to provide support. 

At UofL Health, we supply some of the nation’s top lung cancer specialists and the most advanced lung cancer treatment. They work together with you to determine the best treatment options tailored to your specific needs, disease stage and goals. 

For early-stage lung cancer, surgery is often the optimal treatment. Our surgeons specialize in techniques and therapies that can help preserve lung function. Some of our surgical options include: 

  • Wedge Resection: Removal of the tumor and a pie or wedge-shaped piece of the lung around the tumor
  • Lobectomy: Removal of the lobe of the lung with cancer 
  • Segmentectomy or Segmental Resection: Removal of a segment, or part, of the lobe where the cancer is located 
  • Pneumonectomy: Removal of the entire lung 
  • Sleeve resection: Removal of part of the bronchus 

Due to our team’s expertise, most surgical procedures are performed minimally invasively using robotic or VATS (video-assisted) technology. This shortens your hospital stay, reduces pain and speeds recovery allowing you to move on with your life expeditiously. Radiation or chemotherapy may be recommended in lieu of or combined with surgery depending on your cancer stage, health and preferences. 

Have you been recently diagnosed with lung cancer? Are you late for a lung cancer screening? The providers at UofL Health are here for you from diagnosis to recovery.  

To learn more about our lung cancer services, visit UofLHealth.org today or call 502-588-7600 for more information. Our UofL Health – Rudd Center surgical team is here for you! 

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Article by: Matthew Fox, M.D.

Matthew Fox, M.D., is a thoracic surgeon at UofL Health – Heart Hospital whose areas of interest include advanced heart failure, lung transplant, minimally invasive esophageal surgery, thoracic oncology and tracheal abnormalities. Dr. Fox's services include cardiovascular & thoracic surgery, transplant, oncology, lung transplant, cancer care, gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular medicine and heart care. Dr. Fox earned his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine where he also completed a residency in the department of General Surgery and a fellowship in research. He has also completed a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Cardiothoracic Surgery and another fellowship at Toronto General Hospital in Visiting Lung Transplant Surgery & ECMO. At the UofL School of Medicine, Dr. Fox is an associate professor in the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

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