Tips for dealing with seasonal affective disorder

Tips for dealing with seasonal affective disorder by UofL Health Louisville KY

Seasonal affective disorder causes cycles of depression according to the season, typically during fall and winter, and non-depressed periods during spring and summer.

Symptoms include sleeping more than usual, less energy, loss of interest, inability to focus and increased appetite.

To up your energy during the winter blues, try these tips:


  1. Maximize exposure to natural daylight, use light therapy and/or brighten up your home with lots of lights.
  2. Get outside (but bundle up!). Enjoy the outdoors by taking a walk.
  3. Stick to a regular schedule – including sleep schedule. This helps overall health by training our bodies and giving us more energy.
  4. Engage in activities you enjoy – volunteer, spend time with family and friends, or take a winter vacation.
  5. Practice healthy habits – exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and make time for relaxation.

See a doctor if signs get worse. The Depression Center at UofL Physicians is available to help. Call 502-588-4450 for more information.

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