LOUISVILLE, Ky – A team of neurosurgeons at UofL Health – Jewish Hospital used an innovative machine to help save a Louisville woman’s life in early 2022. Synaptive’s Modus V at UofL Health – Jewish Hospital is the first in the state of Kentucky, and one of only a handful in the country.

“My life is just so much better,” said Edna Evans. “Now I don’t have to worry about a tumor anymore.”

The mother and grandmother said she felt a twitching sensation inside of her and doctors couldn’t figure out why. In January, Evans was on her way to a doctor’s appointment when she said she went completely numb. Her right leg up to her hip stopped working. Shortly after in February, Evans was stretching when the entire right side of her body froze up, from her feet up to her throat.

“When I went to stretch it was like everything on my right side began to shut down from the feet up,” said Evans. “My left side helped me pull myself up and then I said somebody call 9-1-1.”

She was taken to Jewish Hospital and at the time she believed it was a stroke. It was there that doctors told her she had suffered from a seizure, caused by a golf ball-sized tumor located on her brain.

“We did some imaging and ultimately we did an MRI scan to look at her brain, and we found that there was a mass near the middle of her brain,” said Dr. Brian Williams, director of Neuro-Oncology at UofL Health Jewish hospital. “Thankfully for her she developed that seizure, and we were able to find it earlier on where its more easily treatable.”

The Modus V is a robotic exoscope which consists of a high- definition camera attached to a robotic arm. This equipment can be moved and manipulated, which allows surgeons to be more precise and accurate when performing surgery on the brain or spine.

“Because we’re able to use that instead of our naked eye, we’re able to appreciate what is going on, the interface between tumor and brain, and the interface between normal tissue and abnormal,” said Dr. Williams. “That better distinction and that better definition hopefully allows us to do a more safe and respectful surgery of her anatomy.”

Dr. Williams believes that Modus V, now mainly used for neurosurgical procedures, will develop into something that surgeons can use for a variety of different operations. This investment highlights UofL Health’s dedication to providing quality care while also improving quality of care.

“This technology tells our patients and tells the public that we’re a group of people who are committed to improving the standard of care for patients, not maintaining it,” said Williams.

As for Evans, the surgery went well, the tumor removed, and she is now doing well and recovering through rehab.

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