More Savings. Better Benefits.

At a time when benefits mean more to employees than ever, UofL Health has developed a health insurance product that is being offered directly to the employer. OneHealth Plan is a medical plan designed for companies with as few as two employees or larger ones with over 500 employees. It is a program that addresses both short and long-term savings for employers and employees. The savings and the value can assist employers with the stresses of today’s business pressures and their ability to retain and attract new employees.

OneHealth Plan rates are significantly lower than the traditional healthcare insurance model and the benefits are often richer. Many employers in the Louisville area have already taken advantage of this plan and have not only been able to see significant discounts on their premiums but have also been able to offer health insurance at a much more affordable rate to their employees while offering them access to a comprehensive medical system.

To learn more about OneHealth Plan, contact:

Brandi Meyer
Executive Director of Direct Employer Contracting
UofL Health

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