Gerald W. Dryden, M.D., Ph.D., M.S., M.S.P.H. healthcare provider in Louisville, KY for Digestive & Liver Health, Gastroenterology

Gerald W. Dryden, M.D., Ph.D., M.S., M.S.P.H.

Digestive and Liver Health, Gastroenterology, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Areas of Interest

Barrett's Esophagus | Celiac Disease | Colon Cancer Screening | Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Primary Practice Location
UofL Physicians – Digestive and Liver Health
UofL Health – Chestnut Street Outpatient Center
401 East Chestnut Street, Suite 310
Louisville, KY 40202
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5

Education & Training

University of Kentucky College of Medicine | Lexington | 1992
University of Louisville | Louisville | 2003
University of Louisville | Louisville | 2008
Naval Medical Center San Diego | Gastroenterology | San Diego | 1997
Naval Medical Center | Internal Medicine | Portsmouth | 1995
Naval Medical Center | Internal Medicine | Portsmouth | 1993



Areas of Interest

Barrett's Esophagus | Celiac Disease | Colon Cancer Screening | Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Department of Medicine

Patient Comments

Dec 3, 2023

5 out of 5
Dr Dryden is the best

Sep 10, 2023

1.44 out of 5
This is the message I sent the NP who sent me to see him. Hello, you referred me to see Dr Dryden. My visit notes from you were very detailed and I was looking forward to seeing what he had to say yesterday about my labs and history which you outlined very well in your documentation. He came in and was immediately irritated with ME because he only had 20 minutes to go through so many things I had in my chart. Told me that he was only there a half day and normally had someone to help him and didn't know how he was supposed to look at everything that he needed to to figure this out. I explained that you said that you would go through my chart and it looks like you did but obviously he did not look at your note not even once and then somehow it was my fault for being complex? He made me feel unworthy of his time and got angry with me several times. You stated in my appointment you both thought my only option was Humira but yesterday he was angry because he did not see why I was even diagnosed with Crohn's almost like I diagnosed myself. I explained Dr Stocker gave me that dx and referred me to your office. Regarding my vitamin deficiencies in the labs you ordered, I told him oral supplements make me sick from my bypass but he told me that was my ONLY option and only ordered one lab and a colonoscopy. Said I needed to see a nutritionist on how to eat the right foods um again I had gastric bypass and a lot of things make me vomit. I eat what I am able that is part of the reason I need help?!??? I am limited on what I can eat and he acted like it was my choice?!? (thought he was a GI dr?) I am so confused on the break down of communication and his poor attitude towards me. What did I do that was so wrong besides everything you asked me to do? I was referred to you all because I am in desperate need of help. I am very sick and he treated me less than human. I spent the whole appointment being talked to like I was a waste of time and stupid. It was honestly heartbreaking. I spent the entirety of the appt. Frantically looking for imaging and labs in my phone that he was demanding to see when you had ALL of the information in your visit note and he kept snapping at me that he didn't see any of the imaging that I was talking about. He decided from the moment he walked in and realized I was very complex that he was not going to spend any time helping me. Again how was this my fault? My husband nor myself have ever been treated so poorly by a physician. I was treated like he was just way too busy for me as he explained in the first 10 minutes of my appointment like somehow it was my fault he only had 20 minutes on his half day with no assistant (why would he even tell a patient any of that?) I truly do not understand how there was this much of a breakdown in communication. I drove 4 hours round trip for each appointment just to get treated less than human. I really hope the next person gets treated better then that. I truly pray that if he is that frustrated with seeing complex patients that maybe he should not be seeing patients at all. And I hope that the next person desperately seeking help who is sick and scared does not get treated like a waste of time. In my appointment with you I was in tears because I was sick and scared, in his appointment I was in tears because he was angry with me from the moment he walked in and I didn't know what to do or say. And I am now supposed to have trust and confidence in him to do a procedure on me? He is a very uncaring person and no patient should have to ever endure being treated so badly and essentially blamed for being complex and sick. We pay doctors to help us not to belittle us. Thank you at least for completing a very detailed visit note, I just wish he would have taken the time to even take one glance at it. I am a very kind and empathetic NURSE and I could not imagine treating a patient like this..not ever. As a patient I have a basic right to be treated with dignity and respect and that absolutely did not happen yesterday and I pray he never does that to anyone else. At the end of my visit with you you showed empathy and ensured me I was in the right place to get help I left yesterday more scared confused and sad then ever before.

Sep 2, 2023

5 out of 5
I used my chart to answer questions about medications etc pre-visit , as requested . However nice lady who checked me in say she cannot find any of it and did it all over again. I pushed submit after completing and re-checked to be sure and was submitted. Not efficient to have to do twice.

Jul 28, 2023

5 out of 5
Dr Dryden is fantastic very helpful, Caring and Good Doctor I am very glad to know him.

Jun 11, 2023

5 out of 5
Dr Dryden is the best doctor I have.

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