Available to patients through in-office and telehealth visits

UofL Health – Restorative Neuroscience includes both UofL neurology and neurosurgery providers and surgeons. To help maintain social distancing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our providers now offer patients neurologic and neurosurgery appointments through telehealth, as well as in-office visits.

Call 502-588-4343 to schedule an appointment

Telehealth appointments allow patients to see providers over a phone, tablet or computer using a HIPAA-secure application that is similar in use to Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messaging. The application is free and can be easily downloaded.

To schedule a visit -- either in-person or by telehealth – call our Hotline at 502-588-4343. One of our access coordinators will be happy to schedule your appointment, and walk you through the easy steps to prepare for your telehealth visit if that is your choice.

About Your Telehealth Visit

Our telehealth appointment is like an in-person appointment with a provider. During the visit you’ll talk about your current health concerns and learn what to do.

  • Your visit can take place from a location that is the most convenient for you.
  • Your provider will use a video-based application to talk with you by phone, tablet or computer.
  • Our telemedicine platform is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Your photo and voice will not be recorded or stored.
  • Your privacy and rights will be respected and ensured.

What can I expect during my telehealth appointment?

Watch the video below to see what a telehealth visit with a UofL Health – Restorative Neuroscience provider is like.

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