Stop the Bleed

No matter how rapid the arrival of emergency responders, bystanders will always be the first on the scene. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, so it is vital that bystanders know how to intervene. UofL Hospital is part of a nationwide campaign called Stop the Bleed, which provides bystanders with the simple steps they can take in an emergency situation to stop life-threatening bleeding.

If you are interested in learning how to act quickly to save lives, contract Kim Denzik or Tracie Burchett below to schedule training for your organization.

The Stop the Bleed training consists of a 30-45 minute lecture followed by 30-45 minutes of skill-out stations. The lecture is led by a medical professional. The skill-out stations provide an opportunity to practice the techniques taught in the lecture and include practice with tourniquet placement and practice compressing a simulated bleeding wound.

Everyone! The material discussed in our training can be graphic, so we recommend participants be at least of high school age. We have taught to schools, workplaces, law enforcement, and community-based organizations.

The training is free to all individuals and organizations.

Our trauma team can come onsite to an organization or we host the training here in the hospital.

We offer private classes all the time, which can be requested with the contact form below. If you are interested in the next class open to the community, please visit You can search for Stop the Bleed classes closest to you.

Kim Denzik
Trauma Program Manager

Tracie Burchett, BSN, RN, TCRN
Trauma Outreach and Education Coordinator

A bleeding injury can happen anywhere. We've all seen it happen too often—on the news or in everyday life. Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in serious accidents or disasters. Instead of being a witness, you can become an immediate responder because you know how to STOP THE BLEED®.

The person next to a bleeding victim may very well be the one who’s most likely to save him or her from bleeding to death. By learning how to STOP THE BLEED®, you’ll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and act quickly and effectively to control bleeding once you learn three quick techniques. Take the STOP THE BLEED® training course and become empowered to make a life or death difference when a bleeding emergency happens.

Our instructors will teach you live—in person, using training materials specially developed to teach bleeding control techniques. They will not only instruct you, they will be available to check your movements as you practice three different bleeding control actions. They will keep working with you until you demonstrate the correct skills to STOP THE BLEED® and save a life.

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