UofL Health – Frazier Rehab Institute's Stroke Program provides comprehensive services to individuals who have experienced a stroke and to the individuals’ families and support systems. The program serves patients of all ages, with the goal of restoring individuals to optimal levels of physical, cognitive, and emotional recovery following stroke. The organization also values community partnerships and collaborations that serve to increase wellness and awareness of stroke prevention and management.

Because Frazier provides services along the continuum of care, many patients and families are introduced to medical rehabilitation services while they are recovering in the acute care hospital. Each patient’s needs are different, so the recommendations for each patient will differ. Many patients transfer to Frazier Rehab Institute for inpatient rehabilitation, and some patients will be referred directly to outpatient community-based rehabilitation. Other patients may require different types of services (e.g., home-based), based on the patients’ needs and goals. A Frazier Rehab Institute admission liaison helps coordinate the patient’s care plan and communicates this to patients and families, to begin establishing a “roadmap” of the recovery plan.

Regardless of the setting in which services are delivered (inpatient or outpatient), the goals of the Frazier Rehab Stroke Program include:

  • Provide a formally organized program for support and advocacy for stroke survivors and their support systems.
  • Educate families to understand the effects of stroke and the recovery process through therapy sessions, bedside teaching, active participation at stroke education classes, and routinely scheduled family teaching sessions.
  • Improve patient’s physical functioning in mobility, self-care, and communication as needed.
  • Improve thought processes, memory skills, perception and judgment through cognitive retraining activities, often referred to as Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy.
  • Educate patients and families on safety measures and precautions that promote optimal recovery and independence (e.g., decision-making, return to driving).
  • Develop a comprehensive discharge plan for the patient by working closely with the patient and family to identify needed resources and services and make appropriate referrals.
  • Empower patients and families to prevent or minimize further illness and chronic disability of stroke survivors.
  • Restore each person served to his or her fullest potential of independence and productivity at home, in the workplace, at school and in the community.

In 2022, Frazier Rehab’s Stroke Program provided inpatient services to 487 patients, representing approximately 24% of all admissions to Frazier Rehab Institute. The age breakdown of this population is:

  • 12 pediatric patients ages 0-17
  • 62 adults ages 18-44
  • 177 adults ages 45-64
  • 237 adults ages 65 and over

The average length of stay for patients with a stroke diagnosis is approximately 2 weeks (15 days).

For more information on the Stroke Program, call 502-582-7476.

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