Burn Scar Management

If you have experienced a burn that has caused scarring, there are two options you can use for scar management: compression and laser treatment.


Once your burns are healed, your provider or therapist may recommend specially-made burn garments. Burn garments are measured to fit you and will cover your healed burn. Their purpose is to help minimize scarring, reduce discoloration and provide protection.

Burn garments come in many colors and can be worn under your normal clothing. For optimal effect, these garments must be worn 23 hours a day for up to two years.

Laser Treatment

This procedure may be beneficial for hypertrophic scarring after injury, pain, itching and a decrease in movement or function. You can start laser treatments as soon as three months after you have healed, and the treatment occurs every six weeks.

  • During your UofL Health – Outpatient Burn Clinic follow-ups, this treatment option may be introduced depending on how your burns are healing, or if you have been experiencing decreased range of motion or limited function of joints or extremities.

Please reach out to the Outpatient Burn Clinic at 502-562-2876, option 2, if you have any questions about scar management, compression or laser treatment.

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Haily Smith BSN, RN, CCRN

Haily Smith, BSN, RN, CCRN, is the burn educator and resource nurse at UofL Health – UofL Hospital. She joined UofL Hospital in February 2011. As the burn educator and resource nurse, she provides burn education within the hospital and to outside hospitals and Emergency Medical Services throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky. She is also a resource to the Emergency Department, Burn Center and Outpatient Burn Clinic. Previous to this role, she was a bedside nurse in the Burn Unit and also served as a charge nurse. Haily has a bachelor’s in nursing from University of Louisville.

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