During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth allowed patients the opportunity for routine medical care without leaving their home. Today, health organizations continue to have telehealth options available. Improved technology has made telehealth easier, benefiting health care providers and their patients.

UofL Health is no stranger to this transition. UofL Health – Telehealth provides a convenient form of communication that allows providers and patients to communicate with one another through mobile devices (cell phones, tablets or laptops) or their personal computer over Zoom. Zoom, which is free and easy to download to your device, is a lot like Skype, Facetime and Facebook Messaging, but it is HIPAA compliant.

Telehealth appointments allow you to have a virtual appointment with one of our world-renowned providers from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere else you have access to a mobile device.

A telehealth appointment is like an in-person appointment with a provider. The appointment still allows a patient to communicate their health concerns and learn what to do. Privacy rights are ensured and respected.

Although in-person office visits may be necessary in certain cases, such as when you need a procedure performed, telehealth can be ideal for the following, according to MedlinePlus:

  • Some urgent care conditions (rash, sinus infection or other infections)
  • Mental health (therapy or psychiatric sessions)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Wellness visits or health consultations

There are many benefits to telehealth care:

  • Telehealth provides convenience to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Telehealth is better at preventing the spread of infectious diseases (COVID-19, flu, etc.).
  • Practitioners can better assess your environment and your ability to take care of yourself.

According to the American Medical Association, more than half of physicians have used telehealth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequent research shows 85% of physicians reported telehealth has helped their patients get care sooner, while 75% of physicians reported telehealth enabled them to give effective care to their patients.

UofL Health – Telehealth services provide easy access to more than 700 UofL Health providers. You may request a telehealth appointment by calling our primary care hotline at 502-588-4343 or calling your UofL Health – UofL Physicians office directly.

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Krista Kane, M.A.

Krista Kane, M.A., is the executive director for System Telehealth for UofL Health. She has been a health care administrator for 15 years, with the bulk of that work focused on the provider side of the business in University of Louisville School of Medicine and UofL Health. Her professional priority is expanding access to care through innovation, working most recently in rural health partnerships and as part of the leadership team of the PeaceNow telebehavioral health clinic.

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