When you or a family member are diagnosed with an endocrine disorder, you want a caring, qualified surgeon with top-notch training, skills and expertise. At UofL Physicians – Endocrine Surgery and UofL Physicians – Endocrine Surgery Associates, you will find physicians committed to providing compassionate, innovative patient-centered care.

Our Louisville endocrine surgeons specialize in the treatment of:

  • Thyroid nodules
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Benign thyroid disease
  • Parathyroid disease
  • Adrenal tumors
  • Paragangliomas

When surgery is required, it’s important to choose a surgeon who specializes in the endocrine system. Our Louisville endocrine surgeons take on complex endocrine surgery cases including:

  • Advanced thyroid cancer
  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer
  • Radical neck dissection
  • Re-operative parathyroidectomy
  • Paraganglioma
  • Recurrent pheochromocytoma
  • Minimally-invasive parathyroidectomy
  • Laparoscopic adrenalectomy
  • Open abdominal surgeries

The surgeons at UofL Physicians – Endocrine Surgery also partner with the multidisciplinary oncology team at UofL Health – Brown Cancer Center for the treatment of thyroid cancer.

Endocrine Surgery Locations

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