UofL Physicians performed the first adult heart transplant in Kentucky at UofL Health - Jewish Hospital in 1984. Since then nearly 500 heart transplants have been performed, thanks to our dedicated, expert multi-disciplinary team approach.

The UofL Health – Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Program offers every level of treatment for advanced heart failure (HF), including heart transplantation. The program is a leader today and assists transplant candidates with everything from pre-surgery assessments to post-surgery follow-up care to navigating financial concerns.

Heart failure occurs when a heart is unable to keep up with the demands of the body, meaning the body’s demands on the heart outweigh the supply of blood to the body. As heart failure progresses, it causes the heart to weaken and eventually makes everyday activities like walking very difficult.

Early stages of heart failure can be managed with medication and a healthy lifestyle. The condition is considered “advanced” when conventional heart therapies are no longer effective. However, even at this stage, there are still treatment options.

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