David Hiestand, M.D.

David Hiestand, M.D., Ph.D.

Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine, Treatments & Services, Diseases & Conditions
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UofL Physicians – Sleep Medicine Associates
UofL Health – Medical Center East
3920 Dutchmans Lane, 1st Floor
Louisville, KY 40207
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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5
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David Hiestand, M.D., Ph.D.

David Hiestand, M.D., Ph.D., is a sleep medicine provider at UofL Physicians – Sleep Medicine Associates. He graduated with his Ph.D. from University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and his M.D. from University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Dr. Hiestand completed his residency in internal medicine and pediatrics, along with his fellowship in pulmonary, critical care and sleep, at University of Kentucky College of Medicine. His areas of interest include sleep apnea, sleep in professional pilots, circadian rhythm disorders and sleep for optimal human performance.

Education & Training

Centre College | Danville | 1989
University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy | Lexington | 1994
University of Kentucky College of Medicine | Lexington | 1998
University of Kentucky College of Medicine | Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine | Lexington | 2005
University of Kentucky College of Medicine | Internal Medicine & Pediatrics | Lexington | 2002


M.D., Ph.D.




Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine


"I strive first to understand my patient's needs and goals, and then work to find the optimal path to health and wellness."

Patient Comments

Dec 21, 2023

4.6 out of 5
Dr. Hiestand is a solid man. His staff is kind and helpful. I appreciate them all very much.

Dec 10, 2023

5 out of 5
Dr. Hiestand is a very good. He's an asset to your facility.

Nov 25, 2023

4.96 out of 5
Dr. Heistand was pleasant and engaging.

Oct 28, 2023

4.92 out of 5
This is a first time visit with the provider, Dr. Davis Heistand and I am very pleased with this choice.

Oct 8, 2023

5 out of 5
Dr, Hemsted impressed me on my first visit. I did not think that I really needed to use a CPAP machine tried it and mask was awful. He suggested that I try a different type mask . That worked very well now I m sleeping all night and feeling much better glad I listened to him

Oct 1, 2023

4.8 out of 5
Dr. Hiestand was very nice, he explained everything that is needed to improve my condition and I will be seeing more in the future in good confidence in his care.

Sep 29, 2023

1.8 out of 5
The provider kelp telling me the I was not trying and I kelp telling him I was,and would come back and said in a storm voice you are not. He made me very nervous to a point l lost some tears.

Sep 16, 2023

5 out of 5
This was a sleep clinic. Dr. Hiestand is very personal and listened as well as any MD I have met.Problem is charges and the Insurance blames practice. The practice says it's a insurance, which I agree. Overall it was a very expensive study for a retired man dealing with the modern environment.

Sep 12, 2023

5 out of 5
Dr. Was very professional and courteous about everything we discussed, prescribed, and how to move forward with treatments.I will truly recommend his practice to whom ever needs assistance in what he can provide.

Sep 10, 2023

4.02 out of 5
Scheduling an overnight appt at end of appt would be more convenient than waiting to be called from office. Confirmation that other Drs had been consulted regarding test results. I had to contact this office 2 times for results to be shared and make follow up appt

Sep 9, 2023

4.12 out of 5
This OV on Sept 6 was a follow up to a Sleep Study that I had done on Aug 11. I waited 3 weeks for some news about the results of the Study, but I never got a phone call nor did I see anything in MyChart about the results. So, I sent a note to MyChart asking how I was going to be notified of the Sleep Study Results. I didn't get an answer, so I drove to Dr. Hiestand's office and asked. As a result, I got this Sept 6 appt. Dr Hiestand said in his 9/06 summary notes that I had completed the Sleep Study on Nov 20, 2023. But clearly this date is wrong, because at the time he made this note, it wasn't even Nov 20, 2023 yet!! I sent a note via MyChart asking for a date correction In the summary notes, but I doubt it this will ever be corrected. The error is also in a letter that Dr. Hiestand sent to my PCP. In addition, he went over the results of the hypnogram, and said that I had taken 101 minutes to fall asleep, But, he did not notice in the technician's note that I had spent 90 minutes of these 101 minutes reading a book -- 9 pm was way too early for me to go to sleep. I asked him to make a note of this in his notes and he did. He also said that I had awakened for a while during the night. I didn't get a chance to say that I was awakened either because I had to go to the bathroom or because one of the electrodes on my ankles had fallen off. I didn't get a chance because he went over the hypnogram very quickly and I didn't have time myself to analyze It and remember why I had awakened. I am not sure where he was pointing to on the hypnogram, but I do know that I had awakened 2 times and I know the reason for each one. (It wasn't as if I had abruptly awakened for some unknown reason). I don't think any of this affects his recommendations following the sleep study, but I do think that his notes summarizing the OV and the results from the Sleep Study were missing some important details.

Sep 4, 2023

1.8 out of 5
He spent a total of 8-10 with me. Clearly could tell I hadn't slept and needed help. His tone and overall attitude was childish. He then determined I was depressed which is literally written in my report. He said the only thing he can do is offer counseling. I've been to more counseling then anybody I know. 100-200 east and go weekly to AA. Didn't even give me a chance to really talk at all. Gave me, well tossed a sleep study at me. Not realizing you have to go to sleep first. I sat in disbelief for 2 minutes. Came back inside disrespectfully forced me out. Didn't say bye. Then the summary snd report is false. If he did 5 mins of research he wouldn't be asking me the basics. And to bring up my family just crossed the line. My entire experience at UofL but definitely this department has just been awful. I will attempt to see the pcp or another sleep doctor one more time then that's it. Why I had 3 appointments to tell me I need counseling was the final result is still mind blowing. How can u give someone who can't sleep study? Anyways. He was awful. Unless I am guaranteed help I will not be returning except the pcp just for medicine. I hadn't slept in 4 days and they wonder why I was how I was is just unreal. 0.4/10 service.

Sep 2, 2023

5 out of 5
Great service

Aug 11, 2023

1.09 out of 5
He was rude and wouldn't listen to what I had to say. Instead he judged me for needin help to sleep

Aug 3, 2023

5 out of 5
I was pleased. First time I saw him, but he made you feel like you new him always

Jul 24, 2023

5 out of 5
This was a consultation. I was referred by my family doctor. I was very pleased with my visit.

Jul 15, 2023

5 out of 5
Great service

Jul 8, 2023

5 out of 5
Everyone was very helpful. Well run office and I appreciate all the help they have given me.

Jul 8, 2023

4.96 out of 5
Dr. H was very concerned about my condition and convinced me to try to get used to the face mask and he was understanding about how miserable it was to for me to ware the mask to sleep in. We are trying other alternatives at this time.

Jun 29, 2023

5 out of 5
I like him!

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