Running is a demanding activity requiring a balance of repetitive force production and shock absorption. The causes of running related injuries are multi-factorial. Both intrinsic factors (age, gender, body type, training level, conditioning, flexibility) and extrinsic factors (weather, running surface, training course, running shoes) play a role in how your body adapts (or does not adapt) to the demands imposed upon it. Whether you are an Olympic caliber runner or just run to maintain your health, don’t let the demands of your activity get you down.

Our licensed professionals are uniquely trained to evaluate your risk for injury and to develop an individualized plan to help you avoid these pitfalls and maximize your ability to keep on moving.

Runner’s Edge Program

Basic Assessment Package
60-minute session | $120

Assessment by a licensed rehabilitation professional includes:

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Y Balance Test
  • 3 Dimensional Video Analysis
  • Overview of results with customized corrective exercises

Individual Training Session
45-minute session | $60

Three Individual Training Sessions
45-minute session x 3 | $150

Runner’s Edge Program Locations

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