Could you be a candidate for transplant, VAD, or Advanced Heart Failure? To refer a patient or for self-referral to see a transplant specialist, please fill out our contact form or call 502-587-4384.

At UofL Health we have successfully performed over 500 heart transplants and our patient outcomes surpass most in the country. UofL Physicians’ transplant experts pursue advanced transplant research, develop new technologies, promote enhanced educational programs, and provide the finest pre-transplant and post-transplant patient care available in the region; all of which help decrease the mortality rates and provide life-saving options for individuals suffering from heart failure. 

For more patient stories, visit our Red Couch Tour page.

Conditions & Treatments

A heart transplant is a life-saving cure for a variety of advanced heart conditions including advanced heart failure, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease and heart valve diseases. In addition, a heart transplant can greatly enhance your quality of life. People who are most qualified for a heart transplant are in the last stages of heart disease, meaning your symptoms show with mild activity or resting. 

Factors that can help decide if you might be a candidate for heart transplantation include:

  • Stage and severity of your heart disease
  • Age
  • Height & weight
  • Risks of surgery
  • Treatment plan before and after the heart transplantation

Patient Stories

Heart failure can happen to anybody. Melissa Pipes received a heart transplant after doctors found her heart was working at 35%. As part of the AHA Red Couch Tour, Melissa shared her story to encourage and give hope to others on their road to recovery.

Dwight Butler, a heart transplant patient, shares his story of hope and discusses heart failure. The message to us all—know your numbers and take care of yourself. Awareness and prevention save lives.

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