UofL Health – Reflux, Swallowing & Hernia Center is staffed by regional leaders in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with swallowing difficulties, heartburn and hernias. By relying on a multidisciplinary approach and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, the center provides comprehensive, individualized care that is streamlined to make the patient the central focus.

Our team employs familiar technologies such as CT scans, high resolution manometry, or endoscopies routinely, but we are equally comfortable with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic techniques including functional lumen imaging probe (FLIP), wireless reflux monitoring and radiofrequency ablation. When surgery is needed, an experienced team of physicians provides the gamut of foregut and hernia operations, including laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures.

The UofL Health – Reflux, Swallowing and Hernia Center, unique in its multidisciplinary approach, brings together providers from key specialties:

  • Surgeons who specialize in complex laparoscopic and robot-assisted operations
  • Gastroenterologists who specialize in the upper digestive system
  • Ear, nose and throat (otolaryngologists) surgeons who specialize in swallowing difficulties

These specialists partner together to bring their individual approaches into a one comprehensive treatment plan.

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Request an appointment with the UofL Health – Reflux, Swallowing and Hernia Center by calling 502-588-4571. Our nurse navigator, Kelsey Schneider, is available to assist you with any questions and get you scheduled with our specialists.


Heartburn or regurgitation may be caused by acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).


Reflux and swallowing issues can be neurologic, autoimmune, medication-related, and sometimes occur despite doctors never knowing the exact cause.


A hernia is a hole in the abdominal wall (the muscular sac) through which bowel, fat or other abdominal contents can get stuck or potentially escape.

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