To state the fee schedule for the CPE program at University of Louisville Hospital and describe the payment process and regulations, including, tuition, deposits, refunds, stipends and benefits.


The University of Louisville Hospital CPE program shall provide each potential CPE student with information about tuition and fees during the admission process and provide a fee schedule upon request. Tuition and fees may be revised and/or changed annually. Registration for credit of a CPE unit may be withheld pending payment of all fees.


  1. Application Fee

The University of Louisville Hospital CPE program requires a $50.00 non-refundable application fee for the internship programs and extended programs. This fee does not apply to students from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The fee will be applied to the student’s tuition, if she or he is accepted into the program.

  1. Tuition

Tuition applies only to internship and extended units and is due by the end of the first week of each training unit, unless: a.) a student submits in writing a payment plan by the end of the first week of the training unit and b.) the certified educator approves the plan; or 3.) the student is enrolled in CPE for academic credit and his or her institution is paying the student’s tuition.

In order to receive credit for a unit of CPE, all tuition must be paid by the last day of the training unit. If tuition for a student, who is enrolled in CPE for academic credit, is not paid by the academic institution where the student is enrolled and the student has not paid tuition by the end of the unit, no grade will be submitted to the educational institution where the student is enrolled.

  1. Financial Hardship

Issues of financial hardship need to be addressed in the admission process. The CPE program faculty will work with students to determine if a discounted tuition rate can be provided. Students experiencing unanticipated financial hardship during a CPE unit may also request a discounted tuition rate. Such request should be made as early as possible in writing to the certified educator who is directing the unit, explaining the situation that creates the hardship. The request needs to be supported by appropriate documentation. The discounted rate may vary, depending on the student’s financial situation.

  1. Refunds

If a student leaves the program through mutual consent or personal choice during the first four weeks of the program, one half of the tuition will be refunded. No refund will be issued after four weeks from the beginning of the program. If a student is enrolled for academic credit through a seminary, the tuition refund is dictated by the seminary’s policy. No refund of tuition fees will be given in the event of dismissal from the program.

  1. Stipend and CPE Internship/Extended Program Benefits

A stipend of $750.00 is available for students participating in single-unit internship programs. The stipend will be paid upon successful completion of the unit. Students in internship units and extended units also receive free parking privileges and the employee discount in the hospital cafeteria.

  1. CPE Resident Compensation

CPE Residents are paid according to University Hospital’s set salary scales and can participate in the employee benefits program. The program will be discussed in detail during employee orientation. The current compensation for CPE residents is $40,227 annually. Employee benefits include:

  • Medical and dental plans
  • Long term disability
  • Paid time off (Vacation, Personal Days, and Holidays)
  • Short term disability
  • Free parking
  • Bereavement pay and jury duty pay
  • Life insurance plans and other optional personal insurances
  • Health care and dependent care accounts
  • Library privileges
  • Counseling support through the employee assistance program.
  • Retirement plans
  1. Incidental Expenses

Incidental costs include expenses for transportation to the hospital, meals, textbooks, and professional liability insurance for CPE interns not enrolled at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (available for students through Healthcare Providers Service Organization with an annual premium of approximately $40.00/year). Students who have their admission interview in another CPE center may need to pay the fee for the interview set by that center. No charges or fees for office supplies, program related photocopies, etc. are required by University of Louisville Hospital’s CPE program.

  1. Fee Schedule

Application Fee .………..………………………..……$50.00

CPE Intern Unit (400 hrs.) ……………… ………$850.00

CPE Extended Unit ( 400 hrs.) ………… …….. $850.00

One-half Unit (260 hrs.).. ………………………..$500.00