Research has shown music therapy to help cancer patients reduce their stress, anxiety, fatigue and even pain. It is a unique art form that affects people spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. No musical background is required to enjoy time with a certified music therapist to see how the benefits impact you.

Music therapy is available at the downtown and Mary & Elizabeth Hospital affiliate Brown Cancer Center locations.

One-on-one outpatient services are individualized, but look like one or a combination of the following experiences:

  • Creative processes: Songwriting, music recording, improvisation and/or live music-making
  • Music-assisted conversation: Music and talk therapy infused sessions
  • Clinical music lessons: Promoting coping through active learning of an instrument
  • Wellness and mindfulness: Specific emphases on physical, emotional and/or spiritual well-being
  • Symptom management: Specific emphases on alleviating symptoms that may arise during treatment
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