SOAR On stands for “Where Strength and Opportunities for All are Realized”

SOAR On, the Loyd Family Wellness Program is a comprehensive, holistic program of wellness services to enhance the mind, body and spirit of cancer patients and caregivers alike.

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When facing cancer, a number of stressors come into the family’s life, which may directly impact their overall wellness. Research shows that when stressors are lessened or relieved, the patient’s medical outcomes improve. The goal of SOAR On is to enhance and assist with the quality of patients’ and caregivers’ lives, bringing opportunities for all to strengthen, uplift and bring a sense of positive, forward motion in their cancer journey.

Whether you are struggling with the reality of a cancer diagnosis, have been on this journey for many years, or are experiencing it alongside a family member, the SOAR On team finds the right combination for your needs.

Services include:

Read about each of these services below or contact the M. Krista Loyd Resource Center, located on the first floor of Brown Cancer Center, at 502-562-7092

Wellness has many definitions and encompasses the mind, body and spirit. SOAR On (the Loyd Family Wellness Program) committee members talk about what wellness means to them.

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