UofL Health – Mary & Elizabeth Hospital has partnered with our sister facility, UofL Health – Peace Hospital to create a voluntary inpatient medical detox unit at Mary & Elizabeth Hospital to care for patients with substance use disorders. The unit features 12 private patient rooms but has the capacity to expand to care for 25 patients.

In addition to assisting patients through the detox process, the unit also offers various therapy groups led by licensed therapists who work with discharge planning and aftercare services to ensure that patients maintain adherence to their treatment plans to achieve long-term sobriety and increased well-being. Recovery-based therapy, some of which may incorporate music and art components, is available to patients as is guided meditation.

Staff caring for patients on the unit have experience in behavioral health, as well as medical/surgical nursing. The therapists have certification in alcohol and drug counseling.

At discharge, each patient will work with a therapist/case manager to develop a continuing care plan for intensive outpatient, residential or outpatient therapy. Community resources will also be provided so that patients have the support and tools needed in their recovery.

Mary & Elizabeth Hospital offers long-acting injection (LAI) clinics. This retail, pharmacist-operated LAI clinic provides monthly shots of long-acting medications to help patients with substance use and psychotic disorders. Some detox unit patients will be written physician orders to receive LAI injections immediately after discharge before even leaving the Mary & Elizabeth Hospital campus.

To learn more about the services provided at the detox unit at Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, along with the process to be admitted, please call 502-451-3333.

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