UofL Health – UofL Hospital – Trauma Center is a level 1 Trauma Center with the only dedicated burn center in the state of Kentucky. We are committed to providing educational and supportive opportunities for both professionals and the community we serve. We offer a multitude of trauma certification, outreach and injury prevention courses.

Certification Course

Advance Burn Life Support (ABLS) – for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, therapists and paramedics. The course provides guidelines in the assessment and management of burn patients during the first 24 hours after an injury.

Education Courses

Burn Care: What You Need to Know – a four-hour course covering care of burned patients. Education focuses on the care of the burn patient by EMS, rural facilities and emergency departments. Transfer guidelines, resuscitation care, basic wound care and pediatric burns are covered. Continuing education credits for registered nurses, paramedics and EMTs and continuing medical education credits for physicians are provided.

Burn Care for Pre-hospital Providers – a two-hour course for EMT, paramedics and emergency department staff. Learn to identify burn types and manage burn care during transport and transfer. Case studies   and hands-on skills help sharpen participants burn knowledge. Continuing education credits for registered nurses, paramedics and EMTs provided.

Injury Prevention Course

Stay Safe – a course for youth aged 8-17. Through a hands-on experience, participants learn the medical, psychological, criminal and economic toll of burn injury through a patient case scenario. Goals of the Stay Safe program are to modify high risk behavior, reduce the recurrence rate of adolescent fire experimentation as well as provide general knowledge about fire safety and burn injuries. For more information, please contact Stefanie Upton at 502-562-4046 or Stefanie.Upton@UofLHealth.org.

To learn more about these courses or to schedule a training, please contact:

Haily Smith
Burn Educator and Resource RN
Burn Program
UofL Health – UofL Hospital
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