UofL Health – South Hospital offers state-of-the-art screening technology for breast imaging. Diagnose early enough, breast cancer is almost 100% curable. And now, the technology that supports early diagnosis is here for you.

3D Mammography

Advanced digital breast tomosynthesis, otherwise known as “tomo” or 3D mammography, is available at UofL Health – South Hospital. It has been shown to increase cancer detection rates (particularly for invasive cancers) up to 15%, and reduce recall rates up to 30% compared with standard 2D digital mammography alone.

Its three-dimensional micro-view can help physicians spot the smallest irregularities, even in dense breast tissue, more closely and accurately than ever before. In fact, 3D mammography is so advanced it detects 30-40% more cancers than 2D mammography, with fewer false-positive results or “callback” rescans.

3D mammography is also faster, less than five seconds per breast, and more comfortable, with curved padded scanners that fit breasts better. Plus, with our on-site radiologists reading results, even your road to an answer is shorter.

Screening Mammogram

Screening mammograms are routinely administered to detect breast cancer in women who have no apparent symptoms. Women should begin annual screening at age 40. Women at a higher risk for breast cancer due to hereditary or personal risk factors may need earlier or additional screening.

Diagnostic Mammogram

Diagnostic mammograms are used when results from a screening mammogram come back suspicious of possible cancer or after some signs of breast cancer alert the physician to check the tissue, such as a lump, breast pain, nipple discharge, thickening of the skin on the breast, changes in size or shape of the breast.

To schedule a 3D mammography appointment at UofL Health – South Hospital, call 502-681-1405.

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