Expertise for the simplest to more complex medical issues

With our vast network of community and academic physicians, we are in communities throughout Kentucky bringing the expertise, care and compassion that is at the core of our mission to every patient we serve. As a leading academic health system, we’ve attracted specialists from every discipline—seasoned caregivers who have experience with a broad range of complex medical and surgical issues. This means that we treat the simplest medical issues with the same level of care and expertise as we do the more complex issues. Not only do we bring our knowledge to our patients, but we collaborate with professionals throughout the country and in some cases, the world, ensuring that you have the right treatment options for whatever health issue our patients may be facing.

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Our Hospitals and Medical Centers

With five hospitals, four medical centers, nearly 200 physician practices, the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute and Brown Cancer Center, UofL Health – UofL Physicians are in each community within the Louisville Metro and surrounding areas.

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