The Surgical Services Department at UofL Hospital is comprised of several departments in multiple locations. The department provides services to adult patients in the areas of inpatient and outpatient surgery, endoscopy, pain management, interventional nephrology, and infusion services. Surgical specialties include general surgery, colorectal, plastics, urology, vascular and endovascular therapeutics, thoracic, surgical oncology, trauma, OB-GYN, gynecologic oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, ENT, oral maxillofacial, hand surgery and podiatry. Endoscopy specialties include gastroenterology, general surgery, colorectal surgery and pulmonology. 

UofL Hospital has 22 operating rooms. Fourteen of these rooms are main operating rooms located within UofL Hospital with two featuring the da Vinci® Robot and integrated to meet the needs of these robotic surgery procedures. The other four operating rooms are located at the UofL Physicians – Outpatient Surgery Center. Over 12,000 procedures are completed in our operating rooms annually.

Main Operating Room

The Main Operating Room is located on the second floor of the UofL Hospital and is comprised of 14 operating rooms, 22 Preop and PACU bays, four Pre-admission Testing (PAT) rooms, and the Surgical Scheduling Office. The Main OR and the PACU are staffed to provide inpatient and outpatient services on a 24/7 basis while the Pre-op area is staffed Monday through Friday with limited hours on Saturday and Sunday. To maintain ACS verification as a Level 1 Trauma facility, the Main OR has one room reserved at all times with anesthesia and OR staff on site.

Main Endoscopy Department

The Main Endoscopy Department is located in the basement of the UofL Hospital and is comprised of five procedure rooms, one GI motility room and eleven pre/post procedure bays. The department schedules endoscopy procedures in up to four of those rooms during business hours, as well as provide services for emergent and urgent add-on procedures on a 24/7 basis. Over 2,500 procedures are completed annually.

Pain Center

The Pain Center is located on the second floor of the Ambulatory Care Building (ACB) connected by a pedway to the hospital. The Pain Center is comprised of two procedures rooms, three consultation/pre-procedure rooms, and one discharge/recovery lounge that accommodates up to two patients. The Pain Center is supported by the UofL Department of Anesthesia attending physicians and residents who specialize in pain management. The center offers consultation services and minimally interventional procedures with fluoroscopy and conscious sedation as required.

Sterile Processing Department (SPD)

The Sterile Processing Department (SPD) is located in the basement of the Institutional Service Center (ISC) which was built under the hospital parking garage. The department is connected to the hospital and the ACB through lower-level hallways and elevators. The SPD provides 24/7 instrument processing services for the Main Operating Room, Labor and Delivery in the Center for Women and Infants and other departments throughout the hospital as needed. The department also builds closed case carts containing supplies and instruments for the main OR and labor and delivery along with delivering and picking them up on a 24/7 basis. The SPD staff are also providing instrument processing services in the satellite SPD in the main OR as well as the SPD located in the Outpatient Surgery Center.

Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC)

The Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC) is located in the lower level of the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center. The OSC is comprised of four operating rooms, two endoscopy rooms, one minor procedure room and 18 bays used for pre-op, pre-procedure, PACU (Phase I and Phase II), post-procedure and discharge. The center provides services to outpatients as well as patients requiring a post-operative admission or observation requiring a hospital bed as the center is connected by pedway to the ACB and then to the hospital. The OSC also provides three bays with six chairs dedicated to Infusion services. The center schedules patients for procedures Monday through Friday.

Interventional Nephrology Department

The Interventional Nephrology Department is located on the sixth floor of the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center. The department is comprised of one procedure room and four pre/post procedure/discharge bays providing outpatient nephrology services Monday through Friday. The primary services being provided to this outpatient population include angiograms, shuntograms, insertion and removal of tunnel cathers, ultrasound imaging and biopsies for possible kidney transplant recipients. Procedures are often performed using fluoroscopy imaging and conscious sedation as required.

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