Evan Sibley Trauma SurvivorEighteen-year-old Evan Sibley of Oldham County, KY, is a heavy equipment operator, who was wrapping up a long day of work at Ask Services in La Grange when tragedy struck. A normal day started at 7:00 a.m. with a shower and some breakfast which would roll into a workday starting at 8. They would work, “Until we felt like quitting. Then I’d go find some supper, hang out with my friends, and do the same thing the next day. That was a pretty repetitive process, I was very content.”

On August 25th, 2022 around 5:30 in the afternoon, Evan was getting off work to go work on the 1992 Ford F-250 he inherited from his late grandfather with his father. Upon returning to the shop at Ask Services, Evan exited his truck. Another, much larger truck being driven by Evan’s longtime friend, mentor, and boss Andy. This larger vehicle was parked perpendicular to the vehicle Evan had just exited. Evan had just started walking behind the larger truck to go around back to the shop when Andy put the truck in drive. The bigger truck’s clutch didn’t engage in time, and the larger truck rolled backwards just enough to pin Evan between his work truck and the larger vehicle. Frantically, Evan signaled to Andy what had happened, who moved the truck as quickly as he could. After freeing himself from between the two vehicles, Evan was able to get back to the shop, where he ultimately collapsed.Evan Sibley Trauma Survivor

The freak accident resulted in severe damage to Evan’s internal organs. One lung had collapsed, both kidneys had to be removed, multiple broken ribs, in addition to damage to his intestines, adrenal glands, diaphragm, and more. “There was almost more messed up, than not messed up.”

While Evan was able to make an incredible recovery, he remains on multiple lists for a kidney donation. He still requires dialysis multiple times a week, and will until he’s able to receive a new kidney. This however doesn’t dampen his spirits at all. Evan is currently on worker’s compensation for now, his plan remains getting new kidneys and getting back to the life that he loved so much.

“I’ve got something in my near future, I just don’t know what. There’s always something here for me, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here.”

Evan is still on the list for a kidney transplant, and at this point his family is considering a living donor transplant. If you or someone you know would be willing to consider donating a kidney, please contact the UofL Health Trauma team, who can put you in contact with Evan’s family for further information.

Evan Sibley.


Trauma Survivor.

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