Is an injury or pain in your spine limiting your activities and keeping you from fully experiencing life? At UofL Health – Orthopedics, our team of game-changing experts is dedicated to getting you back to the life you deserve with a variety of customized care options for spine surgeries. As premier orthopedic and joint replacement specialists, our physicians are leaders in the field and train other doctors in advanced surgical methods. Our goal is to improve our patient’s quality of life with state-of-the-art techniques and implants, coupled with a comfortable hospital experience.

Back pain can often be debilitating and is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care or miss work. Back or spine surgery is often a solution, but when previous surgeries have not provided needed relief, patients may lose complete hope of living pain-free again. However, even when previous spine surgeries have not helped, there are still options available.

At UofL Health – Orthopedics, we practice minimally invasive spine surgeries with the use of world renowned robotic-assisted technologies to get our patients home quicker and minimize post-surgery pain. Your health and happiness are our highest priorities. Treatments and services for such complex spine cases feature state-of-the-art and technologically advanced minimally invasive surgery, including Louisville’s only stereotactic radiosurgery Cyberknife®.

The UofL Health – Comprehensive Spine Center, part of the UofL Health – Brain & Spine Institute, provides highly-specialized, evidence-based, customized care for patients who continue to seek back pain relief after previous spinal surgeries and are in need of revision spine surgery. Specialized care is also provided through the center to adults with scoliosis and SI joint pain (sacroiliac joint dysfunction).

The Comprehensive Spine Center is led by a team of board-certified neurosurgeons that are fellowship trained in complex spinal neurosurgery and spinal neuro-oncology and are faculty and research members of University of Louisville School of Medicine. The academic connection to University of Louisville School of Medicine and its leading research in neurosurgery ensures that the spine center will continue to provide expert care with cutting-edge treatments and services.    

With UofL Health – Orthopedics, our patient’s care journey does not end after surgery has been completed. Favoring a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, the spine center develops individualized comprehensive treatment plans for patients with physiatrists, neurology and pain specialists. 

While the center specializes in revision spinal surgeries, it is also advancing the art of minimally invasive surgery including neuroendoscopic microdiscectomy, the most minimally invasive approach to microdiscectomy.

For more information about procedures offered at the Comprehensive Spine Center, contact 502-588-2160.

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