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At LBBRC, we provide a comprehensive assessment of patients to ensure an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. We are the only center in the state of Kentucky to develop a specialized program for caring for patients with narrowing in the brain blood vessels. We have assembled a team of experts from different disciplines within the neurosciences to ensure every patient receives the best standard of compassionate care with diagnostic testing and treatment. We offer the supportive treatment for the entire patient care journey including a modern and aggressive medical regimen, endovascular options (i.e. through the wrist or groin artery), surgery, and connection to rehabilitation specialists.

Our team includes a full range of doctors and clinical providers who are all vested in your condition and specific needs. We will provide the same level of care and recommendations that we would provide for our own family members. If medical management is sufficient, we will follow you closely through your care journey and ensure that the medication we prescribe works for you. If a procedure or surgery is recommended and performed, we will care for you both in and out of the hospital with intentional, team-focused follow-up appointments.

Your primary care physician or specialist can also refer your care to UofL Health – Neurosurgery to be seen for brain bypass and revascularization. Our neurosurgery cerebrovascular program offers a direct line and email upon request to referring physicians. This is a dedicated cerebrovascular “hotline” for referring providers with a guarantee to see patients with any sort of problems in the blood vessels in our clinic within 72 hours. When requesting an appointment, please note our specialty is neurosurgery and our brain bypass providers are Dr. Josh Abecassis and Dr. Dale Ding.

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