Cancer treatment is complex, but armed with information you can take important steps toward finding the right treatment. A second opinion from UofL Health - Brown Cancer Center can be a vital tool whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’re well into your treatment plan. Our cancer experts can help to determine if you received the correct diagnosis and that you are receiving the care that best fits your needs.

More than one-third of our patients are diagnosed elsewhere, but choose Brown Cancer Center for their care. Many seek a second opinion and choose to stay. Others come for part of their treatment because of the unique options we offer, then go back to their diagnosing oncologist for standard care.

Ask our experts for a second opinion. Call 502-562-HOPE (4673).

The key is our expertise in diagnosis

An expert diagnosis is key to treatment. Your whole treatment plan may change based on your particular diagnosis. That’s why we repeat all of our new patients’ scans and have a pathologist evaluate every new case before the patient is treated. We have found that in 15-20% of cases that the diagnosis changes.

Every cancer diagnosis is unique, and each patient is an individual. That’s exactly why we take the extra precaution to diagnose each patient accurately and create an individualized treatment plan. Our goal is to ensure we deliver the proper type and exact amount of treatment needed to be most effective.

Our collaborative teams of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, nurse navigators, genetic counselors, social workers and more all come together to focus on each individual case, unique to the type of cancer they specialize in and form a plan of action.

Clinical trials = innovative treatments

We offer clinical trials not available anywhere else in the region, and some of the treatments we offer are only available at a handful of specialized cancer centers around the world. We are making discoveries that offer our patients unique access to innovative early phase clinical trials and advanced technology.

Patients come from all over the U.S. to be treated at Brown Cancer Center. For those who live in our region, this means you can receive world-renowned care from nationally-recognized cancer doctors without being far from home.

See how we are making the impossible, possible for our patients.

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