At UofL Health – Brown Cancer Center, we believe knowledge is key to treating cancer. That’s why our model is focused on multidisciplinary care that is customized, comprehensive and coordinated.

Our teams are based on your particular cancer diagnosis so the physicians treating you work all day, every day only with your type of cancer. They are sub-subspecialists – meaning not only are they trained in their particular cancer specialty (medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, etc.), but they have extra specialty training in the area of the body where you have been diagnosed.

Our teams meet in a weekly conference, bringing all of their knowledge to one table to discuss each patient’s particular diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment. This approach ensures each patient receives the ideal order and combination of treatment.

What do we mean when we say Multidisciplinary?

We mean that the clinical plan for each patient is:

Customized – You are not a case. You are a patient and each individual’s care is tailored to the needs of the patient.

Comprehensive – We consider the physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of each patient to ensure holistic care that provides the best care and outcomes possible.

Coordinated – As your multidisciplinary cancer team, all the physicians and specialists who are providing your treatment meet for a team conference to synthesize their efforts.

Each member of your clinical team meets together in one room to collaborate and bring the best knowledge to the table to discuss your diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment moving forward. This approach ensures each and every patient receives the ideal combination of treatments and therapies.

Your highly-trained multidisciplinary team of physicians includes specialists in surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, as well as several other disciplines with specific interest and expertise in treating patients with your particular type of cancer.

Because we know cancer treatment is not just about medical care -- it’s about patients -- your team will include a nurse navigator who coordinates all aspects of your care. Your team may also include psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, nutritionists, rehabilitation specialists and other appropriate medical professionals.

In addition, our specially-trained oncology nurses will care for you before, during and after treatment; help manage cancer trials and educate you about what to expect. They also communicate with your family members and other members of your support team to address their needs and concerns.

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