Program Features & Partnerships

  • Program Feature: Outpatient Pediatric Spinal Cord Program
    • Children want to move. Movement and activity are the hallmarks of childhood, whether rolling, running, sitting up, kicking a ball, or playing children learn and socialize through movements. When abilities such as these are lost due to injury or illness, such as a spinal cord injury, that child experiences a cascade of effects, paralysis being the most obvious.
      • The Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery uses new knowledge regarding how the spinal cord works. Through extensive research, they use recovery-based therapies to promote movement below the level of injury. Their main focus is on retraining the nervous system at every stage of recovery so kids can get back to the business of moving.
      • Learn more about outpatient recovery-based therapies for children and adolescents (ages 1-17) with spinal cord injuries by visiting:
  • Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center (KSCIRC)
  • Michael Brent Resource Center, supported by Friends For Michael, Inc.
  • Gathering Strength, Inc.
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